Why choose the Ad:vantage platform for your business?

Ad:vantage delivers the finest user experience currently available in the market.

Your employees and customers will be delighted upon using the Ad:vantage app.

Universal Voucher allows employees the freedom to pick their perfect reward!

Besides the exceptional app, we’ve also developed a global tool – the Universal Voucher.

How does it benefit your employees and customers?

They can freely download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and engage with your brand within minutes.

The app is incredibly user-friendly and quick.

Ad:vantage App supports multiple currencies. Whether travelling or sending Universal Vouchers internationally, the app enables spending without worrying about local currencies and prices.

No need for print vouchers or deal with delayed or lost emails.

They can send any amount in Universal Vouchers to family and friends worldwide.

Aggregate reward balance in one location. No more misplaced or expired gift cards, as with the current gift card market.

Customers and employees can view their total reward balance anytime, and Universal Vouchers never expire.

They contribute to a better world by using Universal Vouchers, as no trees are lost to printed vouchers, and no plastic waste is generated from plastic gift cards that pollute the environment.