Ad:vantage is a community that spends at least €150 a month on Gift Cards, for the well-being of all.

Fresh Design, New Look

Discover new features of Ad:vantage App

In the previous period, we have worked hard to simplify and enhance Ad:vantage based on your valuable feedback. We have provided a simpler experience and more straightforward VIP registration and usage of the app.

You can find the most important upgrades from this update on the page below.

Simplified Monthly Reload

Since the monthly top-up of €150 has been central to our system from the very first day, we have introduced a special button on the Gift Card page that allows users to extend their VIP Status with just one click. This feature replaces the previous, somewhat complicated system of Active Days.

Automatic VIP Status

The monthly top-up of €150 is so important that we have fully integrated it with becoming a VIP procedure. The initial top-up of €150 automatically grants VIP status, and also includes entitlements such as 5 VIP invites and 50 UV for initial Gift Card purchases.

Maintaining VIP Status

Each subsequent top-up will add 150 UV to your wallet. Thus, users always do the same thing: a top-up of €150 monthly, which automatically confers and prolong their VIP status.


Importance of Continuity: It’s crucial not to interrupt monthly Top-ups. Interruption of a monthly top-ups results in the loss of Royalties for that respective month.



If for a second month a reload of €150 is not made, the system will automatically cancel the user’s VIP status and, consequently, the entire community built in the meantime. As you can imagine, this would entail a huge loss, and the user will have to start from scratch to regain their royalties.

Annual Reset: At the end of the year, inactive months are reset, preventing the loss of VIP status if a reload is missed. However, if two reloads are missed in a year, VIP status will be permanently revoked.


For all those who have accumulated many sunny days during the application’s development months, these will be calculated for the new system by dividing the number of active days by 30. The result obtained, rounded up, will allow the user to be recognized as a VIP for a certain number of months, during which they will not be required to make the monthly VIP maintenance reload as they will always remain active as a VIP.


Even if you are unable to perform the monthly top-up, and you are active for many upcoming months, you can always use the TOP-UP button from the header menu to top up your Wallet, use the Gift Card, and receive precious Ad:vantage Tokens.



VIP Activation Bonus

For each VIP activation, which simply involves making the initial Top-up of €150, the Senior VIP (direct upline) will receive a €10 New VIP Bonus. Once 5 VIP users are activated as a VIP, the Senior VIP will earn an additional bonus of €50, effectively bringing the total commissions received to €100. Although there is no time limit to activate 5 Direct VIPs, we always recommend doing it as soon as possible.

VIP Expansion Bonus

The Download Bonus has been renamed the VIP Expansion Bonus, with the amount received now doubled. For each new VIP in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations, the Senior VIP will receive €3, €2, and €1, respectively. The maximum amount of this bonus is €6,000, redeemable within the first year of activation.

Exciting news for users on VIP Instalments!

All users who have paid at least one installment to become VIPs in recent months will be upgraded to Pioneer VIPs and will be able to use the Top-up system of 90% UV + 10% ADTT, with bonuses of 5, 10, or 20% for each Gift Card. To switch to the 90-10 system, you must have fewer than 20 Universal Vouchers in your wallet and make the switch by April 30, 2024.


With VIP Invitations, success is simply unavoidable

The VIP Invitations we send remain active for 48 hours, after which, if not used, they will automatically return to the sender. If the recipient accepts the invitation and downloads the app, they will have 10 days to decide whether to activate as a VIP by making their first top-up of €150. If the user decides not to activate within those 10 days, the link will be returned to the sender.


Mentors will do the job for you

The most requested feature is now available: Mentors are active. As you are well aware, inviting people is only 1% of our job, and managing them over the months and years as they generate Royalties for you has always been the challenging part. With the Mentor feature, this issue is resolved. Simply advise friends you’ve invited to choose a mentor they like from our wide selection of top leaders, and that’s it. The Mentors will handle everything for you, allowing you to enjoy your full royalties. Please note: Once chosen, the mentor cannot be changed.

Maintenance Fee and Growth of the Utility of Our ADTT

Ad:vantage is a turnkey system. Users simply top up and spend €150 each month, and the system handles everything else. This includes maintaining the Ad:vantage cloud, managing nodes on our blockchain, calculating commissions, providing tax advisory services including tax payments for users, handling accounting, and supplying educational materials for the Mentor’s program. All these services can only be paid for with the Ad:vantage Token. This means that each Active VIP must pay €1.99 in ADTT each month for each active line of Junior VIPs. This creates a continuous demand for the Ad:vantage Token, which will then be burned. Thus, the Tokens are not delivered to anyone else who could exchange them later; they are burned. This unique process creates real value and a promising future for our Ad:vantage Token.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey and for actively contributing to the success of Ad:vantage

Your trust and participation are crucial for transforming every challenge into an opportunity and making our platform the premier global system for generating income. Simply use Gift Cards for your daily purchases through our app and invite your friends to do the same.

The role of the Mentor, who handles 99% of the workload, marks a revolutionary step in the digital world. We are proud to be the first company globally to offer such a service, completely free of charge.

We encourage each of you to explore the new features and grow with us. Remember: your dedication transforms Ad:vantage into more than just an app—it becomes a movement for collective well-being.


Together, we are redefining the future of shopping and advertising. Let’s continue to build this incredible journey, step by step! To conclude, we invite you to watch our presentation video which captures the essence of Ad:vantage in just two minutes. Start sharing it with your friends.

See you soon, Ad:vantage Team


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