Invite your preferred Merchants
Get a special reward

Invite Merchants you would like to see in AD:VANTAGE & we deliver to you 25% of what they paid for activation.

Inviting Merchants to AD:VANTAGE is a win-win situation
Merchants get more Customers, you get Bonuses

With AD:VANTAGE Merchants will get simple and efficient system to sell more offline and online.

You will get 25% of their activation Fee and 80% Payback Bonus in ADVN Coins whenever you buy in their stores.

How it works

Go to referral section of AD:VANTAGE App. Choose Store and tap INVITE STORE button. Send the link to the Merchant.

How you will be paid

You will be paid in Amazon gift cards, valued €50,00 each.

How your reward will be delivered

You can take €50,00 gift card when you reach 10 Coins and 10 Credits. It is placed in REWARD section of AD:VANTAGE App. You will receive 16-digits code of your gift card.

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