The biggest commission you have ever seen
0,5% of whatever they buy & wherever they buy

As a Promoter you will get 0,5% commission from all purchases, made by all of Customers in your affiliate network in any store affiliate in AD:VANTAGE.

They eat pizza you get 0,5%. They cut their hair, you get 0,5%. They order shoes online you get 0,5%. Just name it and you get 0,5%.

Order at least 1 Gift Card with 400 ADVN Coins to be spent in AD:VANTAGE Marketplace ( and you will get the Promoter status completely free for whole year.

Download free App to your Friends
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Selling something to someone was the concept in XX century.

But, now it is time to move on.

Do exact the same thing that the biggest companies in the world are doing. They do not sell products. They connect Customers, and they can sell them any product on any place at any time.

Get your friends to Download the Free ADVN App. They will get up to 80% Payback in ADVN Coins on whatever they buy. You will get 0,5% Commission. Paid in EUR.

Build your affiliate Network in 10 Levels
Earn commissions from Persons you will never meet

Explain to all of your Friends what are you doing. If they become Promoters they will get 0,5% from all purchases made by their Friends. But, you will also gain 0,5% from all purchases made by the Friends of your Friends. Furthermore if they do the same you will get 0,5% from Customers in the 3rd level from you, 0,5% from Customers in the 4th level and even 0,5% from any level up to 10th level far from you.*


Do not forget: Commissions are paid in EUR.**

*Only for supermarkets/grocery stores and gas stations which are allowed to deliver 8% Payback, instead of the normal 80%, commission for all 10 levels will be calculated as 0,05% instead 0,5%.

Promote ADVN Gift Cards
Inform your Friends how they could become Promoters for free

Your Friends could do just the same thing you’ve done.

They purchase at least 1 ADVN Gift Card and they become Promoters for free, just like you.

You will get extra commission of 20% of any Gift Cards to have sold to your Friends, but you will also get 5% from all Gift Cards sold in your affiliate network,10 levels away from you.

3 reasons
Why AD:VANTAGE is the best referral program

Reason 1: You do not need to sell any product, but you will earn when any product is sold

You can build big success without pushing a sale of any exact product.

You just need to inform your Friends they will have up to 80% Payback if they use free ADVN App.

Then your Friends choose what they like to buy and you get 0,5% commission on what they have spent in affiliate stores.

Reason 2: Incredible 10 levels affiliate network

Only with AD:VANTAGE you will get 5% commissions on any Gift Card sold 10 Levels far from you and you will get also 0,5% on any purchase made by any Customer in any affiliate store, activated by any Promoter in your 10 Levels deep affiliate network.

Reason 3: No risk

You simply can't lose anything.
ADVN App is a free app which brings you up to 80% Payback.
You can become Promoter for Free - NO INVESTMENT NEEDED. You purchase 1 Gift Card with 400 ADVN Coins and you are Promoter for 1 year.
Even if you do not do anything. Even if you do not download App for anybody. Even if you do not get any Payback, you will simply purchase your preferred product on ADVN Marketplace with Coins from a Gift Card.
Adopt the same strategy used by Uber, Booking and Amazon
Connect your Friends with Merchants and earn on any product they buy

“Luck doesn’t exist: there is only a moment when talent meets opportunity.”

Lucio Anneo Seneca

You become ADVN Promoter Completely Free. It is enough to purchase an Gift Card (€200) and you will get 400 ADVN which you can spend on ADVN Marketplace and you become Promoter completely for free.

Start to earn your commissions from any purchase made by Customers in your 10 Levels big affiliate network.

If you have any question or you need more information, our local support teams are ready to answer you.