Frequently Asked Questions
Coins & Credits on AD:VANTAGE blockchain

What are Coins & Credits?

Why do I need Coins & Credits?

How can I get Coins & Credits?

Each action you do in AD:VANTAGE App will be rewarded with Coins. If you watch commercials, vote for favourite brands, share content on social media, etc. you would be always rewarded with Coins. Additionally there is an AD:VANTAGE Referral Program, that allows you to share the app with your friends and collect free coins together with them.

You get Credits as Payback reward after you buy something in affiliate stores. Retailers usually offer 10-20%, but some of them go as high as 50%. You can get also Credits in you enroll some of your preferred stores in AD:VANTAGE.


What is AD:VANTAGE Wallet?

Who controls my ADVN Wallet?

Can I open my wallet if I have lost my phone?

What would happen if I have lost my Secure Code?

If you lose your Secure Code nobody could help you to recover your wallet. All of your Coins & Credits will be lost forever.

Even AD:VANTAGE does not have the copy of your Secure Code, so please do not call us for this issue.

What is best way to protect my Secure Code?

We advise you to keep a printed copy of the Secure Code of your wallet. Please, keep in mind that who ever find that copy could make also copy of your wallet and could steal all of your Coins & Credits. So, keep the copy in a secure place.

You can also keep your Secure Code in Digital format, but it is always better to have it protected with several passwords on the cloud (because if you keep it on your phone and you lose your phone you would also lose your wallet and all Coins & Credits you have there).

What are Credits?

Credits are token developed on AD:VANTAGE blockchain. You get Credits as reward AD:VANTAGE gives you after you bought something in affiliate stores.

Why do I need Credits?

How can I get Credits?

What do I need to do to request Credits in Merchant’s Store?

Can I buy Shopping Credits?

Exchange Coins to Credits

Can I exchange Coins to Credits?

When I get back coins from Auctions if I didn't win?

Do I need Credits for Auction?

Can I participate in few auctions in the same time?

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