Special times ask for new strategies
We can digitalise your business in 1 day

Going digital is not a nightmare. It is an opportunity.

With AD:VANTAGE Platform you can sell more in your stores, launch your offer online and connect your business with millions of Users and other Merchants.

  1. Make offers nobody can repeat – you choose your reward to attract customers; we boost it  with 4x multiplication in powerful AD:VANTAGE Payback.
  2. Sell throughout all channels – use our point-of-sale App in your physical stores and launch your online sale with AD:VANTAGE.
  3. Give & Get – the real value of your business are not only your products, but your Customers. Bring your Customers in Alliance and earn commissions each time they buy any product from any other Merchant in Alliance.


Customers are amazed
Up to 80% Payback on anything they buy

To keep your Customers coming back and to attract new Customers you need to offer something special. Don’t waste your money with big discounts to stay ahead of your competitors.

Use AD:VANTAGE Payback booster, and we will deliver 4x bigger rewards to all Customers who buy in your stores.

Customers pay you 100% in EUR. Then you pay Upsell Bonus to AD:VANTAGE, also in EUR. Then AD:VANTAGE delivers 4x bigger Payback to Customers in ADVN Coins. With ADVN coins Customers can purchase any product they like from AD:VANTAGE Rewards Catalogue.

Choose the Upsell Bonus which suits your business the best:

It takes minutes to activate your stores
With AD:VANTAGE Point-of-Sale (POS) App you can offer up to 80% Payback to all of your Customers, right away.
Cashiers use POS App in a simple, 3-step process:
  1. Insert the invoice value
  2. Show QR code to the Customer
  3. POS App automatically delivers 80% Payback
The right moment has come
Go online in a big way

No complicated procedures, expensive teams and infrastructure.

Send us a list of your products and prices (excel is fine) and we will start selling them in our web shop on the same day.

If you already have your e-commerce, just plugin it to AD:VANTAGE. We will send you 2-lines of code. You will paste it on your checkout page. That’s it. You can start with AD:VANTAGE Payback instantly.

Focus on real value of your business

The biggest companies in the world are not focused only on their own products and services. They try to sell any product in any place at any time to their Customers.

Imagine you get commission each time your Customers buys any product from any Merchant in Alliance*

Join your effort with all other Merchants in a totally positive way:

  • If Customers, you have referred, buy products from other Merchants you get 0,5% Commission,
  • If other Merchant refers their Customers and AD:VANTAGE bring them to your stores, other Merchant will get 0,5% commission but you will get new Customers, which is even better.

Only by joining efforts with other Alliance’s members, your business could become more competitive with the big multinational companies, retail chains, or big online stores.

Now it's your call
You choose the plan and we will do the rest

AD:VANTAGE will transform your traditional business into a smartphone-ready business without even having you lift a finger.

Activate up to 100 stores by keeping 30 AD:VANTAGE tokens in your ADVN wallet, and you will get all-in-one-solution:

  • Powerful Payback Booster which multiplies Upsell Bonus you have chosen by 4x
  • Your page in AD:VANTAGE App
  • Your campaign in AD:VANTAGE App
  • Point-of-sale App for your stores
  • Online shop for your products or integration with your existing e-commerce
  • AD:VANTAGE Alliance Membership
  • 0.5% commission on anything your Customers buy in Alliance’s member stores*

Customise AD:VANTAGE options and choose one which suits your business the best.

If you have any questions or you need more information, our local support teams are ready to answer you.