You get more Clients who spend more money at your store

We know our Users very well: ads they watch, where they buy, how much they spend. We try to show them your Store in the right moment, to bring them to your store and to keep them loyal to your business.

Get traffic before you start

You do not need an extra budget to promote your offer. That is AD:VANTAGE'S job.

Your offer is visible immediately

We need a maximum of 48h to activate your Store on our platform.

You can activate an unlimited number of cashiers

If you have a big Store, don't worry. The number of POS App you can use in one store is unlimited.
Your Store, Your Rules

Choose what action you will reward: Shopping or Visits


Each time when Users do Checkout in your stores you will reward them with a selected percentage of what they have spent. Choose your level of payback from 10% to 50% whichever suits you the best, but keep in mind one simple thing: the higher the percentage you offer, the more clients you will attract.


If you want to reward all the users who visit your store, regardless of how much they spend or if they spend anything at all, this is a solution for you. You will always invest 2€ per visit.
With special application dedicated to Stores
The cashier needs less than 5 seconds to make the transaction
  1. Login with PIN
  2. Enter total bill value
  3. Show QR code to user

POS app works with any smartphone.


Take your place in AD:VANTAGE 

  • Activate your account for 1 year  
  • Your presentation in AD:VANTAGE App, based on materials you send,  is included.

POS app works with any smartphone.

  •  Choose Payback Fee from 10% to 50%
  •  Choose 50 Users in your store who do the checkout (bill value is not important, only their presence in store)

POS app works with any smartphone.

  • Your merchant account will be active for 1 year
  • Your will keep all of yours unused Credits in POS App

POS app works with any smartphone.

Download AD:VANTAGE Merchant App

You get more Clients who spend more money at your store