AD:VANTAGE rewards your customers

Customers are rewarded for any kind of interaction they perform with your brands.

If Customers watch your ad they will be rewarded.

If Customers search your products to buy, they will be rewarded.

If Customers buy your products they will be rewarded.

Customers' time has value
Customers get rewards
for attention they dedicate to your brand

With AD:VANTAGE, Customers are rewarded directly for attention or engagement they perform with your brands.

Rewards are much bigger than average standard for loyalty programs, but rewards are delivered only to Customers who perform action brands have asked them to: watching the ads, invite friends, share on social, come to your store etc.

Customers Watch ads

Each time Customers watch your ads from the beginning up to the end AD:VANTAGE will deliver them rewards.

Always right Customer

AD:VANTAGE adds more rewards if Customers decide to share their location, interest, age, sex etc.

Reward Customers for word-of-mouth

Use advanced advocacy system to motivate Customers to share their experience with their Friends.
AD:VANTAGE adds value to Customers' money
Customers get 80% Payback
if they buy in your stores

Each time Customers use AD:VANTAGE App to purchase your products they will receive 80% Payback Bonus. This bonus is delivered by AD:VANTAGE, so it could help you save a budget dedicated for loyalty programs. 

Payback reward is delivered automatically

Your job is to insert invoice value, AD:VANTAGE do the rest.

Payback is delivered in Coins

Customers can use all coins they get on special AD:VANTAGE marketplace where they could order or exchange their goods in peer-to-peer way.

High Payback, high loyalty

80% Payback bonus presents unprecedented level of reward and it is used to attract new Customers and to keep existing Customers loyal to your brands.
How it works
Customers accumulate Coins and use them on AD:VANTAGE marketplace

Customers follow progress
and get rewards

For each action Customers take they will be rewarded with Coins & Credits. After they accumulate Coins & Credits they get €50,00 valued gift card.

Customers share coins and credits

AD:VANTAGE blockchain allows customers to send Coins and Credits to anyone in the world. Anonymously.

Special selection of Gift Cards

Amazon, Ikea, booking.com, local superstores, gas stations, pharmacies, travels and thousands other gift cards are delivered to Customers in exchange for Coins & Credits.

Activate 3 months, all-inclusive, unlimited access to Alliance, for free

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  2. EASY: 100% effortless; you will not lift a finger and your company will have its omnichannel activated
  3. NO RISK: 3 months trial period, all-inclusive access to Alliance, which allows you to launch an unlimited number of campaigns and to activate an unlimited number of traditional stores & e-commerce.

& get 3 months access for free

Go Free Forever: Share your company’s referral link by your social media channels, send it in your emails and newsletters or place it as printed QR code in your traditional stores and AD:VANTAGE will deliver you 1 month free access, for each 1.000 Customers who downloaded App with your company’s referral link.