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AD:VANTAGE is transforming affiliate marketing by introducing a powerful reward system that benefits both brands and affiliates. Our platform sells tailored advertising to reputable brands by leveraging our extensive affiliate network—balancing demographics, geolocation, and shopping preferences to serve all interests.


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Fintech 2.0 Meet the Professionals

Blu Vela SA, a Swiss company, has been operating in the mobile marketing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology sectors since 2010.

Our development core is based in Slovenia and Serbia, boasting a research & development team of over fifty engineers and four university professors who specialize in mobile marketing and payment systems. Since 2016, Blu Vela has been endorsed by AGIRE, the innovation agency of southern Switzerland, as one of the most innovative digital platforms.

With a history rooted in blockchain technology since December 22, 2018, we’ve established a pioneering affiliate program that has now evolved into AD:VANTAGE Affiliate 2.0 powered by GPT-4. Our Virtual Leader stands ready to guide our growing global community.


AD:VANTAGE is an affiliate platform that rewards shoppers for their everyday purchases


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