Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join AD:VANTAGE?

Who can sign up?

Does it cost anything to use benefits of AD:VANTAGE app?

What is the reward for customers?

What is ADTT?

What are the actions required in order to earn ADTT?

What is a Universal Voucher?

How do I get a Universal Voucher?

What is UV?

Where can I collect ADTT?

What is the earning rate of ADTT for each purchase made?

How to check the total number of ADTT earned?

Can I exchange ADTT for Universal Voucher?


What is AD:VANTAGE wallet?

The AD:VANTAGE wallet is a digital wallet in the AD:VANTAGE app that stores your ADTT rewards and Universal Vouchers. Your unique wallet is automatically created when you first open the AD:VANTAGE app.

Is it possible to access my ADTT wallet in the event that my phone is lost or stolen?

What is Wallet Secure Code?

What are the consequences if the Secure Code for my ADTT wallet is lost or forgotten?

What are some effective methods for safeguarding my wallet's Secure Code?

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