Enriched Shopping Experience with Universal Vouchers

Shoppers top-up Ad:vantage App with Universal Vouchers. They get up to 20% reward in ADTT immediately.

Use Universal Voucher for everyday shopping.

Step into the crypto world. No need to purchase crypto, get it as a reward.

AD:VANTAGE App the home of AD:VANTAGE Token

The AD:VANTAGE token (ADTT), is a native utility token that rewards users throughout the AD:VANTAGE ecosystem with shopping at affiliated stores.

ADTT  is built on the AD:VANTAGE superfast blockchain with up to 4000 TPS (transactions per second).

In the true spirit of crypto decentralization, holding the AD:VANTAGE token will give the community the power of a decentralized consumer society.

Up to 20% reward in Ad:vantage Tokens
for each Voucher purchase.

Hold your Ad:vantage Tokens in the App.