Frequently Asked Questions

What are Coins?

What can I do with ADVN Coins?

You can order any product you like on ADVN Marketplace:

How can I get Coins?

  1. Watch ads in ADVN App and get rewarded
  2. Invite Friends to download the App by referral button inside ADVN App and get rewarded for referrals
  3. Buy things you like in ADVN Shop: and get 80% Payback in ADVN Coins
  4. Buy in affiliate stores in AD:VANTAGE Alliance and get from 8% to 80% Payback reward from AD:VANTAGE for anything you buy.
  5. Offer your used items at ADVN Marketplace: and exchange them for ADVN coins (*this feature is stil not active, but you can apple as a Seller and you can put your products on the waiting list. AD:VANTAGE will let you know when this feature will be activate).

What is AD:VANTAGE Wallet and how can i get it?

Who controls my ADVN Wallet?

Can I open my wallet if I have lost my phone?

What would happen if I have lost my Secure Code?

If you lose your Secure Code nobody could help you to recover your wallet. All of your Coins & Credits will be lost forever.

Even AD:VANTAGE does not have the copy of your Secure Code, so please do not call us for this issue.

What is best way to protect my Secure Code?

We advise you to keep a printed copy of the Secure Code of your wallet. Please, keep in mind that who ever find that copy could also access your wallet and steal all your Coins & Credits. So, keep the copy in a secure place.

You can also keep your Secure Code in Digital format, but it is always better to have it protected with several passwords on the cloud (because if you keep it on your phone and you lose your phone you would also lose your wallet and all Coins & Credits you have there).

How can I activate my stores in AD:VANTAGE?

Each cashier in your store download AD:VANTAGE Point-of-sale app.

You will receive activation QR Code for each cashier and they are ready to go.

How can I activate my e-commerce in AD:VANTAGE?

You will receive a script (2 lines of code) to be placed on Thank You page of your Check out Process.

This script allows AD:VANTAGE to follow all orders made by AD:VANTAGE Customers on your e-commerce site.

How can I sell my products by ADVN Shop?

Become a dropshipper. Dropshipping is the process where Customers order and pay goods to AD:VANTAGE and then AD:VANTAGE pays to you. In the last step you send goods to final Customer. AD:VANTAGE also pays shipping costs.

To start selling your products at ADVN Shop you need to send us products names, description, SKU, images and sell-in price (your price) with recommended retail price, which could be used on ADVN Shop.

What is Activation Fee and how i pay it?

You can choose between Beginner or Advanced pack to pay it monthly or annually (big discount included for annual payment).

Payment available with bank transfer or credit card.

What is Welcome Fee and how do I pay it?

Welcome Fee is special part of activation fee. You agree to send your product valued 200,00EUR for Beginner or 400,00EUR for Advanced activation (in retail prices) to Customers of ADVN Marketplace as part of the launch of your company.

What is Success Fee and how do I pay it?

Success fee is 10% of sales in your offline stores registered in ADVN Point-of-sale App and 10% of revenue made by your e-commerce and registered thought ADVN affiliate system.

Do I pay Success fee if I sell my products by ADVN Shop?

No. This is dropshipping system. Customer pays to AD:VANTAGE Sell-out price and AD:VANTAGE pays to you sell-in price. Then you send the product to the Customer.


What are conditions to become a Promoter?

You only need AD:VANTAGE App and you can become Promoter.

It is enough to start sharing referral links to your preferred stores by ADVN App.

How AD:VANTAGE follows who has recommended which Merchant?

AD:VANTAGE uses your unique referral link to follow all your recommendations. So, no need to worry. Everything is tracked.

What is the minimum payment?

You need to accumulate 10 Credits (with 10 ADVN Coins also) to request 50,00EUR valued gift card.

How do I receive Gift card?

You receive Gift Card by ADVN App. We will deliver to your App a 16-digits number which is electronic form of Gift card.

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