Easy integration of your E-commerce

Your online store is more important than ever before.

Activate AD:VANTAGE E-commerce module and start selling in less than 24 hours.

If you do not have your own E-commerce you can become dropshipper and AD:VANTAGE will sell your products online for you.

Bring traffic to your E-commerce

Generating traffic to your E-commerce is far more expensive than building and managing it.

With AD:VANTAGE Alliance you connect your Communication Module with E-commerce directly.

This gives you a chance to present your offer to all Customers in Alliance and take them directly to your online store.


You create interesting content, we think how to deliver it to the right Customers.


Selling will be just next step in the funnel. Keep it simple, clear and fast. Link your promotion with your store and bring Customer directly to product they need.

Retarget and sell even more

The real art is to sell products to all those Customers who still didn't make their mind to buy from you. Use powerful AD:VANTAGE push notification system as your retargeting tool to bring those Customers and to sale even more.
Keep your Customers coming back

Deliver rewards for each order automatically


Each time when Users do Checkhout in your online store AD:VANTAGE will reward them with 80% Payback Bonus. This huge Bonus is powerful instrument to attract new Customers and to keep them loyal to your business.
Integration simple as copy & paste
Use AD:VANTAGE pixel to integrate your e-commerce
  1. Receive pixel (2 lines code) from AD:VANTAGE
  2. Copy/Paste this code to Thanks page of your E-commerce
  3. Start to sell

Activate 3 months, all-inclusive, unlimited access to Alliance, for free

  1. FAST: it takes only 24 hours, from the moment you deliver your data and the moment we launch your campaigns and integrate your stores and e-commerce 
  2. EASY: 100% effortless; you will not lift a finger and your company will have its omnichannel activated
  3. NO RISK: 3 months trial period, all-inclusive access to Alliance, which allows you to launch an unlimited number of campaigns and to activate an unlimited number of traditional stores & e-commerce.

& get 3 months access for free

Go Free Forever: Share your company’s referral link by your social media channels, send it in your emails and newsletters or place it as printed QR code in your traditional stores and AD:VANTAGE will deliver you 1 month free access, for each 1.000 Customers who downloaded App by your company’s referral link.