Fintech 2.0
Meet the Professionals

Blu Vela SA is a Swiss company, which operates in mobile marketing, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology sectors from 2010. The core of our development is based in Serbia and Slovenia with research & development team counting more than fifty engineers and four university professors specialized on mobile marketing and payment systems.

From 2016. Blu Vela has been supported by AGIRE, the Innovation Agency of Southern Switzerland as one of the most perspective digital platforms.

Fondazione Agire
Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno

2019 Advertising in blockchain 

  • First version AD:VANTAGE app, with lot of powerful feature and whole new user interface, built in react native technology for Android and iOS
  • whole new rewarding system with Gift Cards of biggest online and offline retailers, including supermarkets, gas stations, Amazon etc.
  • AD:VANTAGE internal exchange from Coins to Credits
  • Personalized content for each User, including video content, nearby stores etc…
  • 120.000 Users with AD:VANTAGE App
  • First 100 offline & online merchants in Credits section of ADVN wallet

2018 AD:VANTAGE blockchain and BETA version of mobile app

  • Projecting and development of AD:VANTAGE as a new content distribution platform which connects the People, Brands and Retail.

2017 Full implementation of Shopcast project in Retail

  • Improvement of Shopping Broadcast App for retailer loyalty programs. Reached milestone of 500.000 Active Users with Shopcast App & over 30M revenue for Shopcast Clients.

2014 First retail loyalty software with proximity identification of customers

  • Mobile marketing platform dedicated to retailers installed in thousands of stores.
  • Features like loyalty cards, welcome offers and daily deals.