Your omnichannel – your center of excellence

Forget old fashion marketing strategies based on segmentation & target groups. Build a new, digital approach where you can always make something special for every single Customer, anywhere, at any moment.

  1. Accumulate data from all communication and sales channels
  2. Engage with your Customers, all the time
  3. Use agile strategies like retargeting to boost your sales even with Customers who still didn’t buy your products
Disintegrated communication and selling channels

Unfortunately, Customer is not in the focus of unified company’s effort, yet.

Instead, each organisation unit in the company follows its own goals with separate strategies to deliver the message or to sell the product by its own channel to the same Customer.

It is very confusing for the Customer to receive and understand different messages, delivered by different technologies from the same brand at the same time. It is also difficult to follow different offers proposed in different sales channels by the same company at the same time.

This misunderstanding and confusion has a negative influence on total sales results.

Make a Customer Journey simple

Delivering an unforgettable Customer experience means to let Customers understand your offer and to let them purchase your products in the most logical and fluent way

Communication Module

Reward Customers for their attention instead of paying media giants. Then, Customers will ask you to get more of your content and you will be able to deliver that content directly to Customers.

More about Communication Module

Retail Module

Use digital communication channel as funnel to bring Customers in your stores and then apply Loyalty Module to keep them coming back. On the other hand, Your stores are ideal place to recruit more Customers in your omnichannel.

More about Retail Module

E-commerce Module

Your online store is just one click away from all Customers in Alliance who watch your ads or engage with your brands.
Use real-time targeting strategies to make personalised offers to each Customer and retargeting to convert Customers who didn’t order your products yet.

More about E-commerce Module

Loyalty Module

Already integrated AD:VANTAGE’S ready-to-use rewarding System. It is AD.VANTAGE job to follow and proof any interaction between Customers and your brands and to deliver rewards secured by AD:VANTAGE.


More about Loyalty Module

Use Customers’ smartphones as your omnichannel carrier

All 4 modules are seamlessly integrated in AD:VANTAGE backend and that backend is the engine of omnichannel.

Regardless of the complex nature of the dynamic omnichannel,  frontend is built in the simplest possible way.

Your Customers will just download and use a beautiful mobile app to stay tuned with your brands and your stores.

Preliminary results from AD:VANTAGE omnichannel

All 4 modules are in used to reach goals defined by companies-members of Alliance


Nike, Puma, Jaguar, Tom Ford, Zepter…

Minutes average User session in AD:VANTAGE video channel


more than 10.000 transactions each week in affiliate stores

Merchants in Italy, Austria and Switzerland


Fashion, accessories: bags, watches, sunglasses…

Products in AD:VANTAGE online store


catalog with the world’s most recognized brands.

Products in AD:VANTAGE online store
Modules are activated on the base of client type

Different mix of modules could be used for reaching different goals in different campaigns or in different industries

Activate 3 months, all-inclusive, unlimited access to Alliance, for free

  1. FAST: it takes only 24 hours, from the moment you deliver your data to the moment we launch your campaigns and integrate your stores and e-commerce 
  2. EASY: 100% effortless; you will not lift a finger and your company will have its omnichannel activated
  3. NO RISK: 3 months trial period, all-inclusive access to Alliance, which allows you to launch an unlimited number of campaigns and to activate an unlimited number of traditional stores & e-commerce.

& get 3 months unlimited access to Alliance, for free

Go Free Forever: Share your company’s referral link by your social media channels, send it in your emails and newsletters or place it as printed QR code in your traditional stores and AD:VANTAGE will deliver you 1 month free access, for each 1.000 Customers who downloaded App by your company’s referral link.