Let your Customers grant you their attention

Today, you are paying media to interrupt Customers attention with your ads. So, Customers try to run away from you or at least to install ad blockers to avoid getting your content.

With AD:VANTAGE it is a whole different story.

Now, AD:VANTAGE rewards Customers for the attention they dedicate to your brands. Then, they will ask you to get more of your content.

Rewards are delivered only to qualified Customers
Take Advantage of Blockchain technology

Use digital currency as reward for your campaigns

Blockchain technology guarantees that Customers will be rewarded only if they’ve performed requested action.

AD:VANTAGE rewards Customers for video watching, sharing on social, inviting their Friends to see your ad, or even for visiting your traditional store or fairs.

Rewards are delivered in real-time to Customers all around the world.

We will launch your campaigns in less than 24 hours
  1. Activate your Corporate account
  2. Send us your content
  3. Enjoy your campaign
  4. Get a report for every single Customer and their interaction with your brand
Your tool, your rules

You choose and define the call-to-action which suits your campaign the best. AD:VANTAGE decides which reward will be delivered, depending on its importance and time and effort demanded from the Customer.

Exact data in report
Add Transparency
to your advertising investments

Each time when AD:VANTAGE rewards Customer after they watched your ad, AD:VANTAGE creates a transaction on its own blockchain. Transactions, once registered on blockchain, can not be modified or canceled and AD:VANTAGE connects your advertising investments and real Customers’interaction.

Advertising on blockchain

No more intermediaries in advertising. AD:VANTAGE delivers your message and rewards directly to Consumers who perform the action you’ve requested. 

Activate 3 months, all-inclusive, unlimited access to Alliance, for free

  1. FAST: it takes only 24 hours, from the moment you deliver your data to the moment we launch your campaigns and integrate your stores and e-commerce 
  2. EASY: 100% effortless; you will not lift a finger and your company will have its omnichannel activated
  3. NO RISK: 3 months trial period, all-inclusive access to Alliance, which allows you to launch an unlimited number of campaigns and to activate an unlimited number of traditional stores & e-commerce.

& get 3 months access for free

Go Free Forever: Share your company’s referral link by your social media channels, send it in your emails and newsletters or place it as printed QR code in your traditional stores and AD:VANTAGE will deliver you 1 month free access, for each 1.000 Customers who downloaded App by your company’s referral link.