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Intelligent Digital Marketing

Ad:vantage is a unique platform that revolutionizes the way brands engage with their customers, employees, collaborators, and business partners.

We offer a powerful incentive mechanism that rewards users for their interactions and creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Unlock the Power of Digital Advertising
and Incentives

Ad:vantage offers brands a powerful platform to amplify their reach, promote their products, and drive conversions with precision. By leveraging our advanced digital advertising solutions, brands can target their ideal audience based on demographics and shopping habits data. With Ad:vantage, brands can maximize their brand impact, increase customer engagement, and create lasting connections with their target market. The Ad:vantage platform enables you to engage with a target audience that exhibits consistent and above-average consumption.


Maximize Brand Reach and Drive Conversions Promote your brand to a vast and engaged audience through our platform, capturing the attention of real customers, including customers, employees, collaborators, suppliers, and business partners from other brands promoted on our platform. With Ad:vantage, you can amplify your brand’s impact and drive conversions with precision.

Gift Cards

Incentives aren’t merely rewards – they’re the catalyst for your business growth. You have the authority to allocate Ad:vantage rewards and strategically distribute them to specific individuals or groups within your organization, including existing customers, new customers, employees, collaborators, and business partners.

This powerful tool empowers you to drive engagement and foster loyalty across your network.

Get 100% in Exclusive Views
& incredible bonuses
60% in Gift Card Bonuses
in UV
60% of the value in ADTT
as the Access Key
How it works

Download the Business App and activate your company within AD:VANTAGE.

Design your digital campaigns using the platform.

Distribute the gift cards you've received as payback.

Monitor the analytics of campaigns and loyalty/incentive programs you've launched.

Buy new campaigns whenever you require them.