Let us bring our shoppers to your Store

AD:VANTAGE is the biggest Shopping Community using cryptocurrencies. Our job is to promote your Brand and bring our shoppers to your store to purchase your products and services.

Our Shoppers love
Ad:vantage Token

We reward our Shoppers with up to 20% reward in Ad:vantage Token for all purchases made at any affiliated store.

Simple & Efficient rewarding system!

Promotion & Gift cards

Activate the best digital marketing and get 100% payback from Ad:vantage.

Instantly engage ADVN App users with fascinating promotional content delivered in real-time, including images, texts, website links, or videos. Customise your campaign with a tailored promotional budget, and receive a complimentary set of digital gift cards for your customers, matching the value of your chosen budget. Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing outstanding engagement and exclusive rewards.

Promotion & Skratch labels

Launch the ultimate digital marketing campaign and receive 100% Payback on Scratch Off Labels.

Effortlessly upload your promotional materials, such as images, texts, website links, or videos in under a minute. Select your preferred promotional budget, and obtain a complimentary set of Scratch Off Labels for your customers, corresponding to the value of your allocated budget. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Scratch Off Labels to simultaneously reward your existing customers and draw in new clients.  

Voucher in my store

Reward customers with crypto

No fees – Unlike with many other digital platforms, you will not pay to join here. It is enough to give us a discount on your vouchers we will do the rest. Boost Your Sales with Ad:vantage Shopping Community. Our Shoppers top-up their Ad:vantage App with Universal Vouchers and use them instead of cash or credit card to pay for your services.

Let us bring our shoppers to your Store

How it works

Free activation of your company on Ad:vantage

Integration of your vouchers throught API

Order placement from Ad:vantage with advance payment of your vouchers

Your vouchers are placed in Ad:vantage catalogue

Our shoppers instantly redeem Universal Vouchers for your vouchers.