Frequently Asked Questions
Access to Alliance

What kind of access to Alliance does AD:VANTAGE offer?

How do I activate my company's account with FREE all-inclusive Access?

Am I obliged to bring 3.000 Customers in Alliance to use Free Access?

How offer "Free Forever" works?

You will get 1 month all-inclusive unlimited access to Alliance for each 1.000 Customers who have downloaded AD:VANTAGE App by your company’s referral link.

For example: Alliance gets 5.600 new Customers who downloaded AD:VANTAGE App by your referral link, your company gets 5 months of Free Access to Alliance (remaining 600 Customers will be registered and saved for later, until you get other 400 Customers for next 1 month Free Access).

So, your company will not pay Access to Alliance and usage of AD:VANTAGE platform.

What will happen if I want to leave Alliance?

You can leave Alliance at any time. It is enough to email our support:

If you use Paid Access and you do not pay Access Fee on time, your account will be suspended on the first day of the next month.

What is the price of Alliance Access after 3 months?

If you do not have FREE FOREVER access, you will need to choose Paid Access to keep your presence in Alliance.

The prices with 10% Success Fee are:

  1. Brick-and-mortar stores: €100,00/year for each store
  2. E-commerce:
    1. You have your own E-commerce and activate ADVN Affiliate module: €500,00/year
    2. You become dropshipper and you sell your products by ADVN Shop: €2.000,00/year
  3. Advertising Campaigns from €1.000,00 per campaigns (€0,05/per engagment)

Paid Access requires advance payment before 25th in the current month for the next month.

Does my company need to pay Success Fee?

The basic Success Fee is 10%.

For certain industries and special cases it can be agreed on lower rate.

You can also choose not to pay any Success fee, but in that case yearly access will have higher Activation Fee.

Referral link & Alliance Customers

What is Company Referral Link?

What does Solidarity mean in Alliance?

Do I need to invite my Customers to Alliance?

Customer Data

Does AD:VANTAGE collect personal data from Customers?

How AD:VANTAGE use targeting if it doesn't collect Customers' Data?

How I can deliver my products without Customer data?

You will never share those data with AD:VANTAGE and you will not be able to connect unique ID (number of Customer’s wallet) with personal data left by Customers.
So, all personal data from Customers who buy something from you online, remains only yours.

Do my Customers remain mine in Alliance?

Communication Module

Who prepares content for my campaigns?

You prepare content for your campaigns. If you need help our partner marketing agencies could help you prepare the content.

How do I add my videos to AD:VANTAGE?

Can I connect campaigns with my stores and e-commerce?

How do I manage my Campaigns?

Who manage rewards for Customer engagement?

What is the price for campaigns launched on AD:VANTAGE?

Each kind of engagement: watch the commercial, commercial with link to e-commerce, deeplink and lead generation, has its own price.

The basic price for 1 call-to-action is €0,05.

Minimum investment to launch the campaigns is €1.000,00

Retail Module

How can I make AD:VANTAGE works in my stores?

Each store, or each employee in each store, could activate AD:VANTAGE point-of-sale mobile application (POS App) which allows you to activate your stores in Retail module.

How does the AD:VANTAGE POS App work?

When Customers from Alliance purchase in your store, just issue a regular invoice and  receive 100% payment in your local currency (USD, EUR etc) as usual. Customers can use any payment method you accept: cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and so on.

After Customers complete the payment, cashier from your store inserts full invoice value into AD:VANTAGE POS App.

In the next step POS App will create the QR code which will be scanned by Customers to verify a purchase order value.

In the last step cashier will insert the invoice number.

Does POS APP support local currencies?


POS App use local currency of the country where you activate your store.

Can I integrate my stores directly, without using AD:VANTAGE POS App?


We will be glad to work together with your IT team to make a simple integration of our system.

This option available only if you activate more than 100 stores or if you have more than 500 invoices per day.

What is the Payback Bonus?

Payback is bonus AD:VANTAGE delivers to all its Customers who buy any product from AD:VANTAGE Shop (if your company is drop shipper) or from your offline or online stores.

Is Payback Bonus used as Loyalty Reward for the Customers?

AD:VANTAGE Payback Bonus is 80% of what Customers spend on your products.

This out-of-the-standard Bonus is most motivating feature for Customers ordering your products for the first time and remaining loyal to your stores.

What is the Activation Fee for each of my store?

If you have Free all-inclusive unlimited Access to the platform, all of your stores will be activated for free.

If you do not have Free Access, then you will pay €100,00/annually for each store you activate in Alliance.

E-commerce Module

Why do I need AD:VANTAGE to grow my online sales?

Growing online sales in the post Covid-19 era may become one of the most important goals for your company.

Your online sales is limited with traffic you are attracting to your store now. To get more traffic you will need to invest constantly more money in digital marketing.

Beside that you need to build and manage more efficient funnel to convert more visitors into buyers.

Both of these problems are resolved with AD:VANTAGE.

What can I do with AD:VANTAGE to sell more online?

  1. Approach millions of new potential Customers by AD:VANTAGE Alliance.
  2. Accurately target your potential Customers, as AD:VANTAGE knows which brands Customers follow and what they buy, so their profile is very clear.
  3. Connect your e-commerce with the Communication module directly, so it becomes a very efficient funnel; from watching commercials to buying your products.
  4. Discounts are substituted with an incredible 80% Payback Bonus, so Customers decide faster to try your products and remain loyal to your brands
  5. Retarget all of your potential Customers who didn’t order yet.

How to connect my e-commerce with AD:VANTAGE?

It is simple as Copy & Paste.

Your IT team will get the pixel (a script with 2 lines of code), which they will place on your Thanks Page in checkout.

That’s all.

Who manages sales process if I integrate my e-commerce with AD:VANTAGE?

You fully manage your sales by your e-commerce, like you do for all other Customers you have there.

So, nothing will change.

How can I sell online if I do not have my e-commerce?

No problem.

AD:VANTAGE offers you a chance to sell all or some of your products by AD:VANTAGE e-commerce site:

You will become a Dropshipper of AD:VANTAGE and you can start.

How does dropshipping function?

AD:VANTAGE sells your products to Customers.

Then AD:VANTAGE orders and pays to you that products and send you shipping data of the Customer who order them.

Then you prepare products and send them to Customers.

Activation & Success Fee for E-commerce?

If you have Free all-inclusive unlimited Access there is no Activation Fee.

If you have your e-commerce store and you activate ADVN Affiliate Program a €1.000,00/annual Activation Fee + 10% Success Fee is required.

If you become dropshipper for AD:VANTAGE, so you sell your products online by ADVN Shop a €500,00/annual Activation Fee + 10% Success Fee is required.

Loyalty Module

How does AD:VANTAGE Loyalty function?

Why is AD:VANTAGE Loyalty system efficient?

What if I already have my Loyalty System?

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