Digital omnichannel platform
Advertising, communication and sales on one single channel

Use this opportunity to integrate separate strategies, different technologies and specialised organisation units in one digital platform with a focus to create and deliver an Unforgettable Customer Journey:

  1. Deliver the same experience to your Customers while they communicate or buy from you
  2. Use omnichannel as a funnel which takes Customers directly to your stores or your e-commerce
  3. Forget customers’ data collection problems and privacy issues. Give the maximum possible privacy to your Customers by using blockchain technology
Take the opportunity
Gain an AD:VANTAGE for your brands

Get Free Digital Advertising 

Don’t waste your precious budget to pay digital media. Launch your campaigns with 3-months Free Access right away, without spending a single dime.

Increase your Online & Offline Sale 

Avoid complicated stories. Sell your products right after you have delivered your advertising message.

Customers will be grateful if you offer the simplest and most convenient way to buy from your stores or e-commerce.

Reach New Customers 

Get access to millions of potential new Customers, brought together by other brands in Alliance. Use cutting edge technology to deliver your ad to the right Consumer at the right time.

Collecting Customers' personal data is not trendy anymore
Take the best from targeting while avoiding all GDPR problems

Anonymous Customers with real profiles 

AD:VANTAGE never takes any personal data from Customers, and they remain anonymous forever.

But, AD:VANTAGE creates a profile of each Customer on the based off of what interaction they make, which brands they follow and of course: what and where they buy.

Advanced tools like targeting and retargeting helps you to push your offers towards Customer who could accept.

All customers get their own combination of actual offers on their home screen.

Let Customers stay tuned to your brands 

Instead of paying media to deliver your content, now you can reward Customers directly for their attention.

Customers will be rewarded only if they’ve performed an action you have requested.

You can reward Customers for video watching, sharing on social, inviting their Friends to see your ad, or even invite them to come to your traditional store.

You choose the amount of coins as reward for each action performed by Customers.

The Yellow progress bar on the top of application confirms to a Customer that they will be rewarded only if they watch ads until end. 

Don’t worry if your video is in landscape format.
AD:VANTAGE player supports it without any problem.

Connect your selling channels with your advertising 

Take Customers directly to your e-commerce or offline stores at the moment when they have shown the interest for your products.

Offer Customer more loyalty rewards if they go on in your funnel, from watching to purchasing the products you are offering.

Call-to-action to visit your stores is presented at the end of your ads.