Take a piece of AD:VANTAGE Success for yourself

As VIP – Ad:vancer you will get a lot of advantages and incredible bonuses from the community you build, up to 10-circles from you.

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To be VIP means something really special

As VIP Ad:vancer you can use all benefits like other users, but you will also unlock the list of special features:

  1. VIP Catalogue with over 50,000 products from fashion to electronics
  2. Get Universal Vouchers or even Tokens completely free, by watching the ads or by participating in special events organised by AD:VANTAGE affiliated brands
  3. Get rewarded with Welcome Vouchers with up to 50% discounts from each new brand launched on the platform
10 Circles Holder Community

Invite your friends to shop with AD:VANTAGE and hold ADTT on their wallets. Then teach them to repeat the same with their friends. Your community will start to grow, and AD:VANTAGE will give you bonuses for all affiliates up to 10-circles from you. Invite friends who own businesses to join too.

Sales Bonus

Receive Sales Bonus from purchases made by your entire community. Get 10% from direct affiliates and 0.5% from indirect affiliates. Bonuses are paid weekly.

Matching Bonus

Receive Matching Bonus on the total amount of ADTT held by your entire community. Matching Bonus is a reward for community growth. The larger your community of token holders, the higher the Matching Bonus you receive.

To keep Ad:vancer status

Just hold AD:VANTAGE Tokens of €500 value
in your wallet.

5 year VIP status included (valued €50)