Fintech 2.0
Meet the Professionals

Blu Vela SA, a Swiss company, has been operating in the mobile marketing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology sectors since 2010. Our development core is based in Slovenia and Serbia, boasting a research & development team of over fifty engineers and four university professors who specialise in mobile marketing and payment systems. Since 2016, Blu Vela has been endorsed by AGIRE, the innovation agency of southern Switzerland, as one of the most innovative digital platforms.

2021 Launch of ADVN app 2.0.

The AD:VANTAGE platform experienced a significant upgrade with the entirely reimagined and redesigned ADVN App. The main new features include Universal Vouchers and the shopping currency reward, ADTT. The developed infrastructure acts as a bridge between retail and global shopping liquidity, establishing a gateway for growth in future retail marketing.

2019 Gift Card Distribution Feature

The first version of the AD:VANTAGE app, packed with powerful features and an entirely new user interface, was built using React Native technology for both Android and iOS. The rewarding system featured Gift Cards from the biggest online and offline retailers, such as supermarkets, gas stations, and more. The app provided personalised content for each user, including video content and nearby stores.

2018 BETA Version of AD:VANTAGE Mobile App

The development of AD:VANTAGE focused on creating a new content distribution platform that connects people, brands, and retailers. This led to the release of the BETA version of the AD:VANTAGE mobile app in 2018.

2017 Full Implementation of Shopcast Mobile Marketing Platform for Retail Businesses

The Shopping Broadcast App was improved to enhance retail loyalty programs. In 2017, the Shopcast App reached a milestone of 500,000 active users and generated over 30 million in revenue for Shopcast clients, demonstrating the successful implementation of the Shopcast mobile marketing platform in retail businesses.

2014 First Retail Loyalty Software with Customer Proximity Identification

A mobile marketing platform dedicated to retailers was introduced in 2014, featuring customer proximity identification. The platform was installed in thousands of stores and included features such as loyalty cards, welcome offers, and daily deals, revolutionising the retail loyalty experience.