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Word-of-mouth marketing drives a staggering $6 trillion annual global spending, representing 13% of total B2C sales. With an impressive 88% of consumers placing the utmost trust in brands endorsed by friends or family, affiliate strategies are emerging as a pivotal tool in marketing and sales.


Converting Delight into Affiliate Communities

Have you ever considered the impact of your word-of-mouth recommendations on brand promotion? Whether you’re a regular customer, a professional influencer, or a trendsetter, your endorsements can significantly drive sales.

The AD:VANTAGE Affiliate Platform transforms your recommendations, no matter how casual, into a lasting, infinite Affiliate Community. This community continually rewards your efforts, creating an endless stream of benefits for you.




Infinite Connections

The AD:VANTAGE referral program and incentives extend far beyond the people you invite directly. That’s just the beginning. From there, they evolve into an Infinite Community of Affiliates, growing continuously through their invitations.


Infinite brands and stores

Unlike mono-brand referral systems that require you to connect your friends with different suppliers each time, AD:VANTAGE offers a diverse range of brands and stores in one platform. This means endless options for your referrals, making it easier and more effective for you to share a variety of products and services.


Infinite Time

In AD:VANTAGE, the connection with your direct and indirect affiliates isn’t just a temporary engagement tied to their first purchase. Here, lifetime value matters. By building your community once, you can enjoy ongoing benefits as long as purchases are made in affiliate stores.

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Enjoy Infinite Royalties

What Are Royalties? Royalties represent a form of passive income, based on previously completed work. Writers or musicians, for instance, receive money each time their work is reproduced or used.

Say goodbye to traditional referral rewards and hello to a more sustainable and collaborative way to benefit from regular purchases made by Affiliates in your community.

Personalize the Journey for Your Followers

AD:VANTAGE offers a standard flow, but you have the flexibility to tailor it to your followers in a way that best suits their needs.

Contact us if you have more than 10,000 followers and affiliates, you would like to introduce to AD:VANTAGE.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies

Since its inception in 2017, AD:VANTAGE has been dedicated to development and innovation. Creating this platform was a challenging journey, but it has resulted in an exceptionally user-friendly experience.

By incorporating advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, we reinforce our commitment to uncompromised security and delivering the highest quality technology to our affiliates.

Mobile App with endless features

Ad:vantage App allows you to experience the entire AD: VANTAGE universe at your fingertips. Convert Universal Vouchers into gift cards of your choice with lightning speed, invite new friends, and analyze the real-time growth of your Community and Royalties – these are just the beginning.

Beyond that, explore limitless options to enhance your shopping experience or community-building efforts.

The AD:VANTAGE applications, available for both iOS and Android, are designed to operate seamlessly on a wide range of devices from these operating systems, ensuring a smooth and accessible experience for all users.




Fully Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Building an affiliate community no longer requires labor-intensive fieldwork or endless webinars.

In late 2023, AD:VANTAGE introduced the Affiliate Wizard, a tool designed to handle crucial aspects of community building for you.

This Wizard is powered by advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and acts as an assistant, responsible for implementing best practices in education, motivation, and management of your Infinite Community.

It simplifies the complexities of affiliate networking, ensuring that your community thrives with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.



Blockchain Transaction Processing

AD:VANTAGE’s integration of blockchain technology in December 2018, boasting a capacity of 4000 transactions per second (TPS), ensures our platform can support Affiliate Communities with an infinite number of transactions.

The decentralized Wallet feature, where you exclusively hold the Private Key, guarantees the security of all your transactions.

Additionally, our Blockchain Explorer offers you complete control and 100% transparency over your Affiliates’ transactions at any moment. This feature allows for thorough oversight without compromising the personal data of you or your Affiliates, ensuring privacy and trust in every transaction.



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Ad:vantage is committed to sustainability through its eco-conscious technology. Conventional single-use plastic and paper-based gift cards carry a significant environmental footprint, generating up to 60 grams of CO2 per card and contributing to substantial PVC waste.

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