Now, Users ask for more brands’ content when they know that any action they take will always be rewarded.
Merchants make special Payback rewarding programs to stay connected with Users and Brands.
Choose your own AD:VANTAGE

Today, media giants take up to $600billion/year to attract and resell Users attention. In AD:VANTAGE we have made new flow of this money. Check how you can benefit from this revolution.


Let your Time and your Money work for you.
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We bring traffic to your store
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Get real results from direct advertising
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More benefits from AD:VANTAGE blockchain
Privacy, sharing, education and much more

Blockchain Privacy

Users can't insert any Private Data in AD:VANTAGE and nobody could ever know who they are.

Share coins and credits

AD:VANTAGE blockchain allows Users and Brands to send Coins and Credits to anyone in the world. Anonymously.

Donation program

Up to 50% of AD:VANTAGE earnings with Payback programs is transferred to schools chosen by Users.

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Let your Time & your Money work for you!